Sunday, May 31, 2015

My workbench... version 2015.

Seems like I spent more time arranging my workbench then building models.
I hope this will be the last time arranging my place.
The Detolf will display all my finished models.

This is my new spray booth HS-E420K. Its foldable.
I have 2 of this so it can fit a bigger and longer model.
The booth is using a particle and fume filter. Since its not vented outside.
Watch the review below.
For longer models. Here's the configuration.

Some new tools...

 Iwata Hi-Line 0.5 for priming and large area coverage.

Iwata Kustom Revolution TR 0.3 is my main gun for colors.

Iwata Custom Micron 0.18 needle is best for detailed works.

Iwata Eclipse SBS 0.3 needle is used for small area coverage.

Iwata Revolution Mini is used for spraying corrosive materials.
Like Vallejo's real Gold.

Airbrush needs air...
Sparmax TC-610H is now my main compressor.
But for large area coverage...
...and long spraying session.
Iwata tank and IS-925HT compressor with a built-in tank handle.
Is my main source of air.

I installed an adapter from Tamiya that can connect 3 airbrushes.
Sparmax TC-501ARC is my backup compressor.

Airborne particles and fume are the only danger for this hobby.
Its best to be protected.
The 3M mask filter both particles and fumes. And this is the best one I ever used.

Second, is a container to disposed those unused paints and airbrush cleaners.

And last thing to do after painting... 
Airbrush cleaning kit.

Baby wipes you say? Well, we have to wipe clean the gas mask after using it. 
Going for water based acrylics... 
 Vallejo Model Air/Color
My current stash...

...for now.
Somebody commented on the cleanliness of my workbench.
This two are the reason.
I have to keep my bench tidy or they will take away anything
that there mouth can grab and hide it somewhere.
Talk about a modelling companion.

My advice for my fellow modelers. Please get involved in some sports.


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Syful said...

wow it's been a long time seen we seen your workbench, allow us to have a visit one day!